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Alfa Romeo 156 1997 - 2005
Alfa Romeo 156, 1997 - 2005
537RatingAverage car rating3.82% worse than average rating of competitors (3.9)Review number: 37
11% worse than average rating of competitors (3.9)7% better than average rating of competitors (4.1)8% worse than average rating of competitors (4.0)8% worse than average rating of competitors (4.0)2% better than average rating of competitors (4.1)
RecommendsYes 81% No 19%
Alfa Romeo 156 1997 - 2005Alfa Romeo 156 1997 - 2005Alfa Romeo 156 1997 - 2005Alfa Romeo 156 1997 - 2005Alfa Romeo 156 1997 - 2005Alfa Romeo 156 1997 - 2005Alfa Romeo 156 1997 - 2005Alfa Romeo 156 1997 - 2005Alfa Romeo 156 1997 - 2005Alfa Romeo 156 1997 - 2005
The Alfa Romeo 156 is a compact car with a label of sportiness and luxury, produced in sedan and station wagon bodies. 156 replaced the 155 model and was a very successful model. 156 designed by Alfa Centro Stile with Walter de’Silva as lead designer at the forefront. 156 great design with distinctive lateral lines, retro-style front door handles, a grille framing a dynamic front end - these are why the car is considered one of the most beautiful in its class. The 156 sedan was also one of the first to have concealed rear door handles to give the car the image of a coupe. The car had an air resistance coefficient (Cd) of 0.31 (worse than 155). The interior - clearly driver-oriented - is a typical style of Italian sports cars. 156 used the same Tipo platform derived from the Alfa Romeo 155, but was heavily modified. 156 front-wheel drive: with two-lever suspension at the front and independent multi-link suspension at the rear. Lighter aluminum is used in the suspension elements. The Alfa Romeo 156 continued the tradition of the 155 model in the ring race. The car has successfully participated in the British Touring Car Championship, as well as in various other European championships, mainly the WTCC and ETCC.
Hollywood star Catherine Zeta-Jones was promoting the 156 version of the Alfa Romeo wagon.
Alfa Romeo 156 designer Walter de'Silva described the car's design as "perfectly balanced".
The Alfa Romeo 156 has successfully competed in the British Touring Car Championship, as well as various other European championships, mainly the WTCC and ETCC. The car won the following championships:
  • 1998 Italian Super Touring Car Championship - Alfa Romeo 156 D2;
  • 1999 Italian Super Touring Car Championship - Alfa Romeo 156 D2;
  • 2000 European Super Touring Car Cup Winner - Alfa Romeo 156 D2;
  • 2001 FIA European Touring Car Championship - Alfa Romeo 156 D2;
  • 2002 FIA European Touring Car Championship - Alfa Romeo 156 GTA Super 2000;
  • 2003 FIA European Touring Car Championship - Alfa Romeo 156 Super 2000.
The Alfa Romeo 156 has won more than 35 awards worldwide, including:
  • In 1998, a jury of 56 journalists (40 of whom voted for the Alfa Romeo 156) selected the Alfa Romeo 156 as the European Car of the Year;
  • In 2000, the 2.5 V6 engine received the International Engine of the Year award;
  • Technical Innovation Award 1998 for the Common Rail Engine (magazines Autocar and (Auto, Motor und Sport and in France);
  • The best luxury compact car (magazines What Car? And Auto Express);
  • Design Award (Automobile Magazine);
  • 1998 car in Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Portugal, France and Croatia;
  • The 1997 award is "The Most Beautiful Car in the World" (Italy).
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Reviews: 37
Other machine alpha only))
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Design, engine power, price of parts, generally car price (to whom you overpay for all BMW and VAG), charisma
Turning radius, sound insulation
Hello!?I want to share my feedback on this machine and contribute to breaking down the myths of this brand. I have been using it for about 8 months. During this period, about 15,000 km were driven and there were no special breakdo...
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Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Soft, quite spacious, comfortable for long trips.
Weak sound insulation.
I bought it as my first car, I have no regrets at all. Operation is not one of the most expensive, worn parts are also not lacking. Rides comfortably, low costs. It is advisable to make additional sound insulation....
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ALFA ROMEO 156 1.8TS 2000
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Convenient for longer trips, good handling, inexpensive operation and rare failures.
The bodywork (especially the slats) and poor sound insulation when driving in the city must be maintained.
Alfa ROMEO 156 2000m 1.8 TWIN SPARK. Cheap maintenance car. You can drive for pennies with the built-in gas can. I don't know why everyone is afraid of them, apparently someday someone bought a corpse full and told about all sorts...
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AR 156 2.0 JTS 121kw 2004y.
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Galvanized body, beautiful inside and out, stable, good traction
after 15 years begins to brown the bottom
I have been driving for 4 years, I have no problem. If you want to have a tidy car you need to take care of it. There is no non-faulty car. Drive is fun, traction is good, the road is stable, the suspension is stiff - so not suita...
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Great for everyday cars
My rating  My rating Recommended  
comfortable, reliable with all the pros outlined in the description
locks, tapogi more in the description
Well the car itself is Italian, but not as bad as I thought plus has a lot of such things as low fuel consumption at least mine was with a 1.9 engine, morally outdated, rides a really good machine for both the elderly and the youn...
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There is nothing
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Great for everyday, cheap.
Large turning radius, extra attention to the chassis, otherwise maybe too exclusive
Auto market price 700eu. Obviously, this is not something that could make you live terribly, but still .. I bought this car after driving me to 1000eu in the red and there was no money. I chose because it wasn?t rusted, everything...
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Alfa Romeo 156 Spotwagon
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Style, beauty, power, driving pleasure, exclusive design, reliable engine
Door handles, suspension
I dreamed about Alfa Romeo without having a car yet. Car enthusiasts will agree with me that the Alfa Romeo is not a simple car. It is a work of Italian beauty, unique style, in which you feel the racing heart and spirit. Therefor...
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My rating  My rating Recommended  
exceptionally nice comfortable fun to drive
expensive rare parts weak electronics and chassis brown just has something but broken
The machine looks beautiful looking comfortably but. . . In Lithuania, even a car for the city is not valued because the chassis is weak and there are problems with electronics. THE ENGINE is good until it breaks down and when it ...
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ALFA Bestyja
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Beauty, control, price
Does not hold the chassis, expensive parts, poor audio quality
As a kid, I noticed her, that Italian design by Walter de?Silva, I dreamed of having such a drive. No matter what manure we have heard about this brand, I think we buy these machines with our hearts, not our minds. The ones I had ...
Read full review
Absolutely cool car
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Power, interior, seat quality.
Corrosion damages the bottom but the sills. The air conditioner and the heating system have their disadvantages and deteriorate.
The car is fun, quite powerful. It develops well during the cold. The car does not require much maintenance. The downside would be sound insulation. In the cabin you can hear the engine running, sounds from outside, the whistling ...
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Alfa Romeo 156, 1.9JTD, 2002y
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Reliable engine, exclusive design both interior and exterior, highway driving
Large turning radius
I was not a supporter of Alfa Romeo because I came to the opinion from the comments that it was an unreliable car. 1.5 years ago, unplanned, I bought an Alpha (mileage 340 km) and changed my mind. Current mileage 360 ??kkm, I have...
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AlfaRomeo 156 2.4jtd 100kw
My rating  My rating Recommended  
stability, traction, economy
hard, low crankcase easy to pierce, front chassis weak.
I didn't buy this car in the tidy way, so I had to repair it myself, but I can't blame it, although I switched from it to a bmw 740i bumer :) The car turned out to be quite cool, but I don't think anything terrible for such a clas...
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Alfa Romeo 156. 2.4jtd 2003.SW
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Car with zinc
Suspension, electronics
The car is really nice ... I bought it as if it was tidy. But of course, as with every used car, an extra investment is needed. The suspension needed to be repaired. Although the seller even showed the service invoices and said th...
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Alfa Romeo 156 V6 24V 140kW
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Fast (easy to bend), sharp turns, especially pleasant to drive, good time on the road
At least my possessions started to rot to the bottom, little space for rear passengers, suspension unpleasant to ride on bumps
I have been operating the car for 3 years and I really couldn?t write a negative review. It was my first ALFA romeo model, before that I had saab, opel, vw, nissan, mazda and others. There were no electronics failures. The car had...
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Alfa Romeo 156 2.4 JTD 100kw
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Good traction, good cabin assembly quality, extraordinarily expensive parts, excellent handling.
Wanting a higher turning angle, better sound insulation ...
The car is out of place, the interior is modern. The three bumps on the center lady look very good. A long trip is a lot of fun. Unshaven back, no need for constant repairs. Aki pulling though their daBar and many streets. The fir...
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Alpha 156
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Design, device layout, road stability, low fuel consumption, sports chassis, comfortable seats.
small luggage, sound system
I had an Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon, a 1.9 JTD (81KW) in 2001, drove in half a year, but it became my favorite car because I had to drive a BMW 520 100kw after 2002, which I didn't like with my boring design, and a VW golf 4 1.9tdi...
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alpha romeo 156 - 2005y.
My rating  My rating Recommended  
heavy machine. sticks to the hand
listen less to a master from your own garage, for whom golf is the best machine3,
before buying the machine I bought all the variants (price, economy, detail price, operation) I bought an alpha romeo .. 1.9jtd engine. bought bought from italy. I changed the thermostat (new 220lt) and changed everything I would ...
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I don't even have such meslo on the car
My rating  My rating Recommended  
tires unless and the tape recorder develops itself
the alpha romeo itself that it produces and ira minus
there is not much and write as far as possible from that alpha romeo, it spoils even without blurring...
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alpha romeo 156
My rating  My rating Recommended  
handsome auto
repair expensive and complicated, diseases are unclear
auto grazi everything zjbs design as well...
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alpha 156 2.0 bemzas
My rating  My rating Recommended  
beautiful. fun does not require much care
even nzn :) a lot of curses for the situational model. but it was ideal for me :)
I bought a car in Germany. I traveled for 1.5 years. I had no problem, just changed the conditioner bearing. 400 lt. that was the only problem. I liked the car. i had a lot of cars. but this one I liked. comfortable, fun to drive....
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