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Audi Q5 2008 - 2017
Audi Q5, 2008 - 2017
55RatingAverage car rating4.22% better than average rating of competitors (4.1)Review number: 5
48% worse than average rating of competitors (4.2)13% worse than average rating of competitors (4.3)17% better than average rating of competitors (3.9)19% better than average rating of competitors (3.9)13% better than average rating of competitors (4.3)
RecommendsYes 40% No 60%
Audi Q5 2008 - 2017Audi Q5 2008 - 2017Audi Q5 2008 - 2017Audi Q5 2008 - 2017Audi Q5 2008 - 2017Audi Q5 2008 - 2017Audi Q5 2008 - 2017Audi Q5 2008 - 2017
The Audi Q5 is a compact SUV built on the new Audi MLP platform with which the Audi A5 coupe debuted in 2007. The Q5 in the Audi range is below the larger Q7. This mid-size SUV is aimed at buyers of the BMW X3, Infiniti EX35, Mercedes-Benz GLK and Lexus RX 350. The Q5 is slightly longer than the BMW X3, as well as lower with an elegant roofline that resembles a coupe car and has an impressive air resistance coefficient of 0.33. The SUV’s bonnet, boot lid and most of the suspension are made of aluminum to reduce weight and improve handling. The Q5 is offered with many engines - petrol (2.0L, 3.2L), turbodiesel (2.0L, 3.0L) engines and hybrid petrol / electric. The new 7-speed S-Tronic gearbox is equipped with a permanent all-wheel drive that distributes power between the front and rear axles in a ratio of 40/60. The car's interior features a typical Audi luxury and a third-generation MMI system. If the car is too big for you - an even smaller crossover Audi Q3 is waiting for its debut.

The Audi Q5 can darken vehicles or trailers weighing up to 2 tonnes.

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Reviews: 5
2.0 TFSI engine nightmare
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Fast, manoeuvrable, pleasant to drive, comfortable
Very unreliable engine
I drove in 2008. 2.0 TFSI (petrol). I can say that I have not driven more comfortable cars. Without being mind-comfortable, maneuverable, driving was a real pleasure. Quality finish, no one rattles. Very fast, running very fast, n...
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Troubleshooting 3
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Suspension, assembly
Electrical components.
Mileage already 210,000. We have a faulty ACC radar. There were attempts to resuscitate the old but the conclusion of Amen (trouble with the greening of the contacts and tracks). The price of the new one is 2200 so we will try to ...
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Q5 3.0 TDI 176KW S LINE
My rating  My rating Recommended  
it is audi
I haven't found it yet
cloth kuattro recently bought already 3000 km we drove and everything is in order, no liquid run-off. The salon is high quality....
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Continuation of failures.
My rating  My rating Recommended  
you are super
spoils every month
The power steering is gone while driving. It didn?t take long for me to splash into the tassels of the auto. Cause of power steering electric motor failure. The price of the new one is 2400 eur. Next. I changed the heavy grease to...
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AUDI Q5 3 L TDI Sline
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2013?Mileage (real) 180000. 3.0 TDI. 245 AG. S LINE Faults in the first half of the year. The front wheel bearing is clogged. The generator is dead and the car is still standing and waiting for parts (queuing for an authorized ser...
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