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Citroen C3 2002 - 2009
Citroen C3, 2002 - 2009
516RatingAverage car rating3.122% worse than average rating of competitors (4.1)Review number: 16
24% worse than average rating of competitors (4.1)27% worse than average rating of competitors (4.1)23% worse than average rating of competitors (3.8)14% worse than average rating of competitors (3.4)29% worse than average rating of competitors (4.3)
RecommendsYes 69% No 31%
Citroen C3 2002 - 2009Citroen C3 2002 - 2009Citroen C3 2002 - 2009Citroen C3 2002 - 2009Citroen C3 2002 - 2009
The Citroen C3 is a representative of the small city car class. The C2 along with the C3 model replaced the popular Citroen Saxo. Both cars have relatively different designs that allow Citroen to fight the whims of different buyers. The C3 is designed as a larger family car with a 5-door body, while the C2 is designed for more young drivers with a 2-door body and a slightly more dynamic design. The C3 chassis is used in the production of the Peugeot 1007 model, and many C3 components are used in other Peugeot 206 models (such as the same exterior mirrors). The C3 is available with 1.1 L, 1.4 L and 1.6 L petrol and 1.4 L, 1.6 L HDi diesel engines. The C3 car has two interesting technologies. The first Stop & Start system features a hybrid system with an internal combustion engine and an additional small electric motor. This system automatically shuts off the engine as soon as the car comes to a complete stop. Another system, the SensoDrive, has a five-speed semi-automatic transmission with an automatically controlled clutch, so the car does not have a clutch pedal. There is also an interesting version of the C3 Pluriel, which has an easy-to-shape body - the car can be turned into a convertible or a closed car thanks to the removable fabric roof. In that, this model is somewhat similar to the legendary Citroen 2CV.
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Reviews: 16
citroen C3 1.4 benz., mechan.
My rating  My rating Recommended  
large windows / good visibility, economy, good control.
the quality of the collection and materials,
Bought a new one from the salon in 2009. summer. 10years in one hand. 125,000 km were covered. Well what can I say. There was a lot going on in that machine. Annoying all sorts of minor faults, such as. the rear squeegee broke / p...
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Citroen C3 HDi 1.4
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Economy, space, low operating costs, design.
Inconvenient access to repair.
I have had a car in my family since 2008. At first, I felt a great deal of empathy and a reluctance to drive it. But over the years, I?ve come to realize that it?s a simple, economical, and economical car you can trust at any time...
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City car
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Quality of assembly and materials
A small, city car. Feminine, maneuverable, frugal....
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Woe is not a machine
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Low price
The machine itself is a minus
The only thing about this machine is its economy, in the city of 7L, as not bad for petrol at all. Everything else is just a pedal to retrain for a bike. Everything is constantly deteriorating, from the very beginning there was no...
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good city car
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Fuel cost
great city auto...
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My rating  My rating Recommended  
Beauty, design,
A little cute beetle...
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Citroen C3 1.4 HDI
My rating  My rating Recommended  
takes an average of 4.3 liters of fuel really and takes any mann
sound insulation
Very good car, I do not understand who says that expensive operation, it is very normal for me, because it does not fit 1.7 height and supports the head, va it is completely unbelievable here, tall people sit with me and are surpr...
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Citroen C3
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Beautiful design
Uneconomical, no comfort, cool. Expensive operation.
I wanted to buy myself, had to bypass C3 a lot. Gloomy, small. I was constantly leaning my head on the roof - my height was> 170cm. If you are taller there will be trouble....
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citroen c3 sx
My rating  My rating Recommended  
electrical problems: the trunk lock is stuck, the windscreen wiper fuse has blown, the airbag lights in the instrument panel sometimes come on, the electric power steering disappears, the plastic rattle disappears if you open the ...
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My rating  My rating Recommended  
Spacious cabin
Uninformative steering wheel
The car is really not bad. First of all, what I liked - space !!!?You feel really comfortable sitting in the front. The handling is good, maybe how much the steering wheel could be more informative, too easy. Sound insulation 8/10...
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Citroen C3
My rating  My rating Recommended  
It looks small, probably due to the height to length ratio of the body, but the interior is spacious enough. Even the seats with armrests, the head does not support the roof ... 5 rails bend awkward, lack of traction, but after th...
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c3 1.4
My rating  My rating Recommended  
machine bobs, no drive, stuck in the trunk, hard to get out of the back, plastic hard, something barska- cypia ... mirrors small and yet diminishes the image-hard to navigate...
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My rating  My rating Recommended  
bobiska masina. sensor drive stings, chassis weak, space sparse...
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citroen c3
My rating  My rating Recommended  
advantages: good, small but capacious, very manoeuvrable and economical enough. likes comfortable seats, very comfortable high seating. Disadvantages: very low, hard chassis, sensitive to side winds...
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My rating  My rating Recommended  
Great car for those who want to drive cheaply. Fuel consumption in mixed mode 4.3 l / 100 km....
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c3 my car
My rating  My rating Recommended  
comfortable, capacious, maneuverable. city ??massager, low, quality materials. low power, APD fantastic (until now)...
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