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Hyundai i20 2014 - present
Hyundai i20, 2014 - present
52RatingAverage car rating4.512% better than average rating of competitors (3.9)Review number: 2
2% worse than average rating of competitors (4.5)4% better than average rating of competitors (4.3)19% better than average rating of competitors (3.6)6% better than average rating of competitors (3.2)11% better than average rating of competitors (4.0)
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Hyundai i20 2014 - presentHyundai i20 2014 - presentHyundai i20 2014 - presentHyundai i20 2014 - presentHyundai i20 2014 - presentHyundai i20 2014 - presentHyundai i20 2014 - presentHyundai i20 2014 - presentHyundai i20 2014 - presentHyundai i20 2014 - present
The new Hyundai i20 has gotten bigger, got more new technology, a new really attractive design and higher quality materials in the interior. Looking at the car, it is noticeable that it, unlike all new Hyundai, has a slightly sharper, more angular design. It is possible that this is how the company takes the next step in its evolution by developing a highly successful Hyundai design style. As the car's wheelbase has increased by 45 mm, so has the space for rear-seat passengers, and the luggage compartment for the folding rear seats reaches 1,042 liters. The small car can be equipped with a rear view camera, 7-inch LCD screen, USB connection, Bluetooth headset connection. So a completely revamped, freshly designed car is at war with long-established German and French competitors.
Written by: | 2020-08-24
Hyundai i20, 1.0, 74 kW, STYLE
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Good engine, quality assembly, reliable,
Sound insulation, hard suspension,
Engine capacity, l: 1,0
Fuel Type: Petrol
Fuel consumption urban, mpg: 7,0
Fuel consumption extra urban, mpg: 6,0
Fuel consumption combined, mpg: 6,5
Car description
Purchased from the salon in 2016. Full STYLE complete with new 3-cylinder Turbo engine. The engine pulls energetically from the seat to the seat if it clicks and the wheels turn, but the excellent one can also move calmly. The sound of the engine is more reminiscent of a motorcycle than a car, which gives more excitement to those who like to press the pedal to the bottom, but if the speed does not exceed 3000 rpm it is quiet enough for a car of this class. The LED lights with Xenon illuminate the inside of the turn, making it very convenient to turn around on dark winter evenings in unlit courtyards or streets. Great car, around town, narrow streets, supermarket parking, maneuverable, excellent visibility, parktronics front and rear are great for estimating the distance to an obstacle, rear view mirrors of sufficient size blind area small to change from one lane to another very easy. The chassis is hard, but you don't have to expect anything from a car of this class, you have to go around or slow down the pits and lying cops, the sound insulation in the city is good, you can hear the wind from 70 km / h on the highway, 130 km / h on a longer trip unless you can listen to music. Speakers of this class of auto good, the player has convenient control of both CD, radio and USB, or play from the phone via Bluetooth. The headset is very good, perfectly blocks extraneous noise, there is no echo. The start stop system works well, but you need to get used to it (maybe because the enemies didn?t have to drive an auto with this system). The lane keeping system in the city beeps a lot, it is practically always off, a good helper on the highway. Car interior assembly quality is very good, materials are hard, but not rattling, not dripping. The sitting position is easy to adjust, we drive together with my wife, it is often necessary to adjust the seat, it is very easy to find the right position. At the end there is enough space for 2 people, because in the middle there is already a small space for the third. Same if there are no ISOFIX child seats fitted. The trunk is very comfortable in good shape, with two bottoms, it is also possible to put less frequently needed items like a window washer fluid tank to the tire repair kit. Two prams (one with a cradle and a sports car) can be placed in the luggage compartment if the wheelchair needs to be removed. The fuel consumption declared by the manufacturer was not very achieved because my foot is heavy: D, but the wife compensates for a calmer ride it averages about 6.5 l, in winter or summer there is no big difference because in summer it always runs in the climate in winter heated steering wheel and seats. On the highway if the speed is up to 90 km / h it consumes up to 5 l, but on the highway 130 km / h it is 6.5 l, 6 gears are missing.
Reliability, running costs
Repairs were lost, only the necessary maintenance was performed once a year lubricants, filters, other fluids. 50k km in 5 years. There was a manufacturer's recall campaign that changed the nozzles, was defective, but I didn't feel any difference it maybe wasn't defective with me. Depreciation I can't say that the depreciation of a new car and an old one is different, but before that, replacing a used car would have cost more repairs more often and would have cost more nerves than a new car, so I will buy a new car again.
Recommendations to buyers
Choose only a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine, as the older 1.2 55kw or 1.4 74kw engines are already very sluggish, and the 4-speed automatic is still not worth it. After the upgrade came a more powerful version of this engine with 6 gears and a DSG automatic machine which would be ideal for this car.
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