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Renault Modus 2004 - 2012
Renault Modus, 2004 - 2012
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Renault Modus 2004 - 2012Renault Modus 2004 - 2012Renault Modus 2004 - 2012Renault Modus 2004 - 2012Renault Modus 2004 - 2012Renault Modus 2004 - 2012Renault Modus 2004 - 2012Renault Modus 2004 - 2012
Written by: Jack | 2015-01-12
Renault Modus - a very feminine and convenient vehicle
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Comfortable, well-equipped, satisfying fuel consumption and design
Gives a sense of insecurity
Year: 2005
Engine capacity, l: 1,4
Fuel Type: Diesel
Gearbox: Mechanical
Body type: Hatchback
Car description
The Renault Modus 1.4 dCi with 89 HP first reminds me of a puppy ‘cause it has those ‘bug eyes’, but on the highway it doesn’t resemble a turtle and never stays at the back of the convoy. However, due to 5-speed transmissions gears are short and at higher revs unpleasant noise occurs. If driving at 70 mph it consumes 47 mpg. Of course it all depends on your driving style. As many times as I have driven it on the highway I always felt slight swing due to crosswinds. In general, it’s a city car since it hardly develops high speed or could be characterized as very stable. No surprise to me that my girlfriend preferred driving it only in the city. Basically it is very comfy, spacious and convenient; there are plenty of compartments, due to large windows it’s really bright inside the car. It also has a climate control, cruise control, board computer, ergonomic seats. As a vehicle of such class it really has a lot of equipment providing great comfort.
I have never repaired my car cause at that I bought it only 6.000 miles had been passed. Everything was working fine so not much can be said about my overall expenses. I only had to change filter and oil. Despite that I still had a bad feeling about this car as if it’s not reliable enough. One of the reasons of my decision to sell it was strange noise appearing every time I was depressing the clutch – I’m almost sure that this was a clutch buzz annoying me. Having in mind low mileage, I’d say this problem appeared even too soon.
Reliability, running costs
Maintenance cost is low as long as something breaks down. Nevertheless, having in mind all those gossip about enormous engine repair cost, short-lasting climate control system or problematic clutch bearing I made a decision to sell my car eventually. Generally, I’d say it’s still a quite good and enough comfortable car useful for every woman.
Recommendations to buyers
Just take a closer look and do not rush to buy it.
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