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Skoda Octavia 2012 - 2020
Skoda Octavia, 2012 - 2020
516RatingAverage car rating4.612% better than average rating of competitors (4.0)Review number: 16
14% better than average rating of competitors (4.1)7% better than average rating of competitors (4.2)5% better than average rating of competitors (4.2)6% worse than average rating of competitors (4.1)4% better than average rating of competitors (4.4)
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Skoda Octavia 2012 - 2020Skoda Octavia 2012 - 2020Skoda Octavia 2012 - 2020Skoda Octavia 2012 - 2020Skoda Octavia 2012 - 2020Skoda Octavia 2012 - 2020Skoda Octavia 2012 - 2020Skoda Octavia 2012 - 2020Skoda Octavia 2012 - 2020Skoda Octavia 2012 - 2020Skoda Octavia 2012 - 2020Skoda Octavia 2012 - 2020Skoda Octavia 2012 - 2020Skoda Octavia 2012 - 2020Skoda Octavia 2012 - 2020
The new Skoda Octavia challenges the all-loved and respected Volkswagen Golf. The new Skoda model welcomes customers with a subtle updated design and German quality. The Octavia focuses on practical space, practicality and reliability. Compared to the previous generation, the new car is 90mm longer, 45mm wider, and the wheelbase has been increased by 108mm (to 2686mm). The Octavia model has the most spacious interior in its class - the cabin length reaches as much as 1782 mm. In addition, the 590-liter boot also outperforms many competitors. All this will be highly appreciated by fans of this brand. True, the car is no longer as cheap as it used to be - Skoda knows its value, which the buyer pays for. The design of the car will not breathe new winds - on the one hand, the subtle style that meets many tastes and cherishes the company's traditions is somewhat reminiscent of the Audi A4 models of the last decade. On the other hand, the sculptural Skoda lines attract with their subtlety and elegance. You will not add anything and you will not take anything away. The interior has become much more modern and attractive, and the soft plastic makes it really pleasant. Only the plastic between the front seats is cool, but it also doesn’t smell cheap. The Skoda Octavia is equipped with a wide range of engines. These include a 1.4-liter TSI engine with 120 hp, a 1.8-liter TSI engine with 177 hp and 1.6-liter TDI engines that generate 109 hp in GreenLine versions and consume just 3.4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. . The most powerful version of the RS will have a 2.0-liter turbo engine borrowed from the Volkswagen Golf GTI. On the road, the Skoda Octavia behaves safely and predictably, although it does not feature the fire that the new Volkswagen Golf already boasts. The steering could provide more information to the driver, but it certainly won’t bother the static Skoda driver.
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Reviews: 16
Octavia 2.0 tdi
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Reliable, cheap
It is said to be brown, but I have not encountered such yet
I am driving a 2016 Octavia, the mileage is now 103k, I personally drove 35k. The average consumption is about 6.3L, driving 70proc in the countryside and around Vilnius and 30proc in the city. The set includes an adaptive cruise-...
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?koda Octavia 1.4 TSI Elegance, mechanics
My rating  My rating Recommended  
1.4 TSI is the most optimal engine (power to economy ratio). Rear seats and trunk space.
Sound insulation, solid suspension.
The car was bought new in 2013. at the end. 128,000 km have been covered in 6.5 years. The average fuel consumption does not exceed 6 L (I drive in the city / highway - 40/60). Engine power (103 kW) is sufficient. The biggest plus...
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My rating  My rating Recommended  
Spacious practical stylish fast
There is no
I just wanted to express my opinion because I have been driving these cars for 8 years and I can only say worth paying attention to these cars in terms of their price and build quality, better than ww golf because I had one and ha...
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Skoda Octavia RS 2.0 TDI (184 Hp) DSG 2016
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Beautiful, cheap operation, convenient and practical.
Maybe some sound insulation, but no major drawbacks.
Keep in mind the fact that the car is a very close relative of the VW Golf, so it should be compared butent to the Golf class cars. I bought it with a true 66k mileage, Race Blue. Equipment: Canton hardware - absolutely nothing go...
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2016 Skoda Octavia 110TSI Ambition
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Looks amazing (exterior and interior);?Convenient;?Perfect quality;?Practicality (luggage compartment is large);?Great ride
No electric mirrors;?engine too weak;?No front parking sensors
I acquired the Skoda Octavia in 2016. June?(My first new car) when the 2003?The Toyota Corolla breaks down. I?ve reviewed a lot of similar small new sedans, and when I saw Skoda, I realized it was for me!?Fitted into my budget. Th...
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Skoda octavia 1.8 FSI
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Maneuverable, nuts, good sound insulation, good engine
Poor seats, poor glass, poor alloy wheels
I bought a new one from the salon in 2017. At first, a strange sound immediately came out. The salon did not know what the sound was, the service in Klaipeda was very disappointing (we will call, but did not call). Very paint mane...
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Skoda Octavia 1.6 TDI Estate / Automatic
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Trunk, the look will remain acceptable for a long time, the quality of the VW group
Sound insulation at the back always fogs
It was bought brand new and top quality. (Parktronics, leather kit - steering wheel and other particles, larger screen, etc.). Although the VW Group Automatic Box (DSG) is described as one of the best, in my case it is not as desc...
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1.8 TSI 132kw
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Collectible, powerful, beautiful, high quality, inexpensive to maintain
Hard suspension
Octavia bought a new one from the salon. I have her time for a year. There is no point in writing about failures yet, because there were none, none. 30,000 km passed. A quality car and does not require any costs. What is surprisin...
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Skoda octaviaIII 2015y. 2.tdi
My rating  My rating Recommended  
large, capacious, economical, durable, maneuverable
really recommend sy automobily.Practical family station wagon .... still not disappointed.Rides great, traction good, economical. 150 hp 110 kw goes really well...
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Comfortable car
My rating  My rating Recommended  
traction, comfort, assembly quality
in bad weather, mirrors and side windows are worn
Overall - the car is really great for its price...
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William 2015-10-07
Skoda Octavia 1.6 TDI Greenline
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Great price/quality ratio, economical engine, loads of thoughtful and practical decisions, good quality interior
Big mirrors, badge attitude, sharp breaks
Straight to the point- leader of its class comparing by price and quality. Base version will offer everything you need for everyday driving. Extras are nice but not necessarily. I ordered side airbags, heated seats and heated wind...
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?koda Octavia TDI 1.6 77kW
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Economy, price, quality
Weak engine, ugliness, sound insulation
After-sales service. A new car was bought from Arx in Vilnius, but it is used in Klaipeda and maintained by Hokla service. In the first year I lost my problems, in the second year I started having unpleasant problems with electron...
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OliverK 2015-07-28
Skoda Octavia 1.6 tdi 103 bhp
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Economical, cheap maintenance, big, good handling, in my opinion- very successful design
Weak engine, sound proof could be better
1.6 tdi 103 bhp engine is obviously too small for this car. Wouldn't recommend it and regret now that I didn't choose 2.0 L 147 bhp model. Sound proofing is not great either. Of course you can listen to the music and that's it but...
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Skoda Octavia 1.6 tdi 77kw elegance
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Economical, cheap operation, large, well-managed, I personally have a great design
Weak engine, sound insulation could be higher
The engine 1.6 tdi 77kw is clearly too weak for this machine - I do not recommend and I regret that I did not take the 2.0 110 kwSound insulation is also not very much. Of course the music starts and so much, but in reality it cou...
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Skoda Octavia 1.6 TDI Greenline
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Excellent price / quality ratio;?economical engine;?a wealth of thoughtful and practical solutions;?quality salon
Large mirrors;?Brand prestige;?Sharp brakes
Straight light - the class leader in terms of price / quality. The basic version will offer everything you need while driving every day. Additional equipment is also fun, but not necessary. I also ordered side airbags, heated seat...
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I drive such a car!
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Economical, dynamic, comfortable, spacious, large luggage compartment, cheap operation.
I haven?t noticed any flaws yet.
In short, THIS IS A SUPER CAR!?I had to ride with the 1st and 2nd Octavija models. It's day and night :) Skoda OCTAVIA III is an NR-1 car in terms of price and quality, especially for Lithuanian roads....
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