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Tesla Model S 2012 - present
Tesla Model S, 2012 - present
51RatingAverage car rating3.033% worse than average rating of competitors (4.4)Review number: 1
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Tesla Model S 2012 - presentTesla Model S 2012 - presentTesla Model S 2012 - presentTesla Model S 2012 - presentTesla Model S 2012 - presentTesla Model S 2012 - presentTesla Model S 2012 - presentTesla Model S 2012 - presentTesla Model S 2012 - presentTesla Model S 2012 - present
The mission of the electric car Tesla Model S is simple and at the same time difficult to achieve - to become a benchmark for comfortable luxury sedans with supercar dynamics and Toyota Prius practicality. Tesla is not new to the electric car market, so the result has to be extremely interesting. It is obvious that the manufacturer is trying to "hook" the buyer not only with technical data, but also with impeccable design. Amobil is wide, low, sporty, reminiscent of coupe car silhouettes. Model S lines are carefully polished, finished and perfectly matched. Although the engine is not hidden under the hood, the imitation of the radiator grille is left. The idea is that this car has strongly influenced the design of the DS series Citroen or the new Mazda 6. The interior of the Model S is greeted by a huge touch screen that controls all the car’s systems and that perfectly emphasizes the electric nature of the car. The car also has a large glass sunroof, two luggage compartments - one at the front and the other at the rear. The rear boot is as high as 745 liters and is much larger than the 540-liter E-Class Mercedes-Benz boot. A special version of the Model S can be produced to accommodate up to seven people. True, the third row of seats is only suitable for children. The Model S is manufactured using an extremely rigid aluminum platform. Buyers can order one of three versions: the cheapest of them will be able to cover a distance of 250 km on a single charge, and the more expensive ones - 320 km and 480 km, respectively. This is really a considerable distance for an electric car of such dimensions, power and weight. What's more, the most powerful version of the Model S aligns its dynamics with that of the BMW M5, powered by a two-turbine V8 engine. Both cars are similar in both size and dynamics: the BMW accelerates from 100 km / h in 4.3 seconds, while Tesla names similar numbers: 4.4 seconds. The most powerful version of the Model S develops 416 hp (310 kW) of power and 600 Nm of torque, which is achieved instantly and maintained over the entire speed range. The Tesla Model S has a 50:50 perfectly distributed weight between the two axles, a perfectly balanced suspension, so it stays well on trajectory turns. It is important to stay in somewhat slippery leather seats. As Elon Muskas, CEO of Tesla, said: “Our goal is to make the best electric car. It will have seven seats, two trunks, a low center of gravity - did you think that was impossible? You made a mistake. I'm proud of this car. "
  • Automobile Magazine and Motor Trend named the Tesla Model S the 2013 Car of the Year.
  • Yahoo! 'S Tesla Model S was chosen as the 2013 Car of the Year by Yahoo!
  • The online portal CNET has chosen the 2012 Tesla Model S as the car of the year.
  • Time magazine named it one of the 25 best innovations in 2012.
This car is driven by Red Hot Chili Peppers leader Anthony Kiedis:
Bei Matrix star Laurence Fishburne:
And Cameron Diaz:
And Ben Affleck:
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Reviews: 1
False eyes
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Comfortable, quiet
Long, frequent loading, overweight
I loaded more with this car than I drove, I bought it in 2014. Almost new for 198k Lt, but I sold it a year later in 2015. For 45k EurThis is a really poor option....
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