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Vauxhall  Corsa 2000 - 2006
Vauxhall Corsa, 2000 - 2006
58RatingAverage car rating3.72% worse than average rating of competitors (3.8)Review number: 8
8% better than average rating of competitors (3.8)5% worse than average rating of competitors (3.9)12% better than average rating of competitors (3.5)1% worse than average rating of competitors (3.1)5% better than average rating of competitors (4.1)
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Vauxhall  Corsa 2000 - 2006Vauxhall  Corsa 2000 - 2006Vauxhall  Corsa 2000 - 2006Vauxhall  Corsa 2000 - 2006Vauxhall  Corsa 2000 - 2006Vauxhall  Corsa 2000 - 2006Vauxhall  Corsa 2000 - 2006Vauxhall  Corsa 2000 - 2006Vauxhall  Corsa 2000 - 2006Vauxhall  Corsa 2000 - 2006
In 2000, General Motors introduced the Corsa C, a new Gamma chassis that was used by many other models. Since 2002, the Corsa chassis has been used for the Opel Meriva, a small minivan. This Corsa was a huge success in Britain, where it became the most popular supermini and second most popular of all cars in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, but in 2006 it was overtaken by another member of the mini-class, the Ford Fiesta.
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Reviews: 8
My rating  My rating Recommended  
A small car, comfortable in the city
Crossing windows (control system problem) is a weak point
Reliable little one, very maneuverable, city car, 1.2 l engine is enough...
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opel corsa 1.2 L petrol
My rating  My rating Recommended  
fast enough, maneuverable, reliable
sound insulation
Convenient to the city, good adherence to the highway. I was always against the opel (before that I always had a bmw) but it happened that I bought this opel. In fact, I was surprised by the convenient, fast, not bad configuration...
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Opel Corsa C 1.2 twinport
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Practical, comfortable, manoeuvrable, fun to drive, quite cheap spare parts.
non-family machine, sensitive to fuel quality.
I was looking for a car for my wife. Wife's terms of purchase: small gasoline, vending machine. I managed to get this copy for an affordable price-performance ratio, but a semi-vending machine. ;) Easytronic as the saying goes. Th...
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Great choice for a lady
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Great city, well managed, good brakes, fuel consumption
Unpleasant to drive
This zopel left me with a really good impression. The look is not the strong point of this car. It is simple, bullet, but something subtle and subtle. The body does not brown, or it is a new enough machine, let's see how it will b...
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A fun city car
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Simplicity, fuel consumption
Driving on a flooded, icy road in winter
Great city car, I drive it for years and am very happy. The very pleasantly operated, fully electric power steering does its job perfectly both in the city and in the countryside. You can't run on slippery roads because it is not ...
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corsa 2006m 1l
My rating  My rating Recommended  
air conditioning, e-windows
missing 4 cylinder
beautiful small car most suitable for women pretty good set of e-windows, air conditioning everything radio control on the steering wheel, etc....
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Opel Corsa C 1.0L petrol
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Exclusive model, good sound insulation, good original sound equipment, good warm in winter
too weak engine on the highway.
I have a 2003 two-door car with a 1.0L engine. Fast, maneuverable, low fuel consumption. Durable chassis. The original audio equipment plays beautifully. It warms up quickly in winter. Pretty good sound insulation. The gearbox pos...
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Opel Corsa 1.3 cdti city car
My rating  My rating Recommended  
maneuverability, fuel consumption, fast running, fast pissing
solid, little space in the back, small luggage
2004?The Opel Corsa 1.3 cdti is a good, economical, fast, manoeuvrable car in the city, but a little too small to travel on further journeys....
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