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Vauxhall  Corsa 2006 - 2014
Vauxhall Corsa, 2006 - 2014
58RatingAverage car rating3.515% worse than average rating of competitors (4.1)Review number: 8
7% worse than average rating of competitors (4.1)11% worse than average rating of competitors (4.2)17% worse than average rating of competitors (3.8)24% worse than average rating of competitors (3.6)2% worse than average rating of competitors (4.3)
RecommendsYes 75% No 25%
Vauxhall  Corsa 2006 - 2014Vauxhall  Corsa 2006 - 2014Vauxhall  Corsa 2006 - 2014Vauxhall  Corsa 2006 - 2014Vauxhall  Corsa 2006 - 2014Vauxhall  Corsa 2006 - 2014Vauxhall  Corsa 2006 - 2014Vauxhall  Corsa 2006 - 2014Vauxhall  Corsa 2006 - 2014Vauxhall  Corsa 2006 - 2014
Introduced in 2006, the all-new Corsa D is built on a Gamma chassis that was developed in collaboration with Fiat, so it is also used by the Fiat Grande Punto. It is a highly sought after car - one of the best selling in 2007 in the UK. The new attractive design - which is bound to attract more buyers if it’s small - allows you to order a factory package of OPC sporty exterior elements for your choice.
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Reviews: 8
Opel Corsa 1.2 2008m
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Reliable, capacious as such classes, economical
Poor sound insulation, the quality of the cabin could be better
So a few years ago we bought a corsa 1.2 gasoline. We were very satisfied with the car, but we had a minimum mileage of 200 thousand. What had to be repaired was the muffler, the discs, the brake pads changed, of course the grease...
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Opel Corsa 1.3 CDTI 55 kw 2008 m
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Appearance, good diesel engines, sound system, economy - in mixed mode about 5 ltr
Poor quality of interior details, sound insulation could be better
Bought from the yard to his wife as a work car. Pros - good appearance, economy, details are not expensive. As such a level of auto sound system, plus is derived Aux connector Pretty reliable Common Rail engine with Bosch injectio...
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CORSA 2012
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Reliable, well-managed, inexpensive repairs, low fuel consumption
Old design
The car is convenient for everyday use, but only up to 1000 km per day, for 2 travelers, if you want to drive more than 4, then cramped. To go on a long trip, it is better not to prepare to cover many kilometers during the day, bu...
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2008 three-cylinder bucket
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Looks better than it is
A lot
1.0 liter 44kw petrol, manual transmission. Picked up as a replacement car. Fuel consumption in mixed mode 9 l. traction zero as well as stability. Interior like Dacia, no central armrest, uncomfortable seats, no sound insulation,...
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1.7cdti 92kw
My rating  My rating Recommended  
opel brown
The quality of the materials, the sound insulation according to the class is average, I am mates and worse. Sitting on the rear seats can cause claustrophobia, as the windows are very narrow and the space there is not too much (in...
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Corsa 1.3 CDTI (90), 2007
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Maneuverable, beautiful design, durable chassis
Poor sound insulation, interior materials could be of better quality
Before buying a car, the eye is attracted by the beautiful design of the car, which does not disappoint today. With corsa no problem in the city to park. The rather durable Corsos chassis, which drives mainly in the city for 4 yea...
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Opel Corsa 2010
My rating  My rating Recommended  
fuel consumption is low, a small city car
cool, and although the car is only in 2010, but the mounting bolts under the hood are browned, the air conditioning radiator is browned
The fleet of cars should be quite large, but since it was necessary to drive a car in the city to keep fuel consumption as low as possible, the Opel Corsa 2010 was chosen. After almost 100,000 km, the car could be said to be ideal...
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Corsa D 1.2 petrol
My rating  My rating Recommended  
Stylish, manoeuvrable, low tipping.
Weak 1.2 engine. The superiority of the corsa c 1.2 is the twinport engine, which pulls in all conditions
Stylish car suitable for both city and business roads....
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