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Vauxhall  Meriva 2003 - 2010
Vauxhall Meriva, 2003 - 2010
513RatingAverage car rating3.59% worse than average rating of competitors (3.9)Review number: 13
9% worse than average rating of competitors (4.1)6% worse than average rating of competitors (4.0)16% worse than average rating of competitors (3.8)7% worse than average rating of competitors (3.7)5% worse than average rating of competitors (3.9)
RecommendsYes 85% No 15%
Vauxhall  Meriva 2003 - 2010Vauxhall  Meriva 2003 - 2010Vauxhall  Meriva 2003 - 2010Vauxhall  Meriva 2003 - 2010Vauxhall  Meriva 2003 - 2010Vauxhall  Meriva 2003 - 2010Vauxhall  Meriva 2003 - 2010Vauxhall  Meriva 2003 - 2010Vauxhall  Meriva 2003 - 2010Vauxhall  Meriva 2003 - 2010
The Opel Meriva is a mini minivan built on the base of the small Opel Corsa. The car is manufactured with a range of petrol and turbodiesel engines, with liters ranging from 1.3 to 1.8 L and power from 70 hp to 125 hp. Like the larger Zafira, the Meriva has a flexible interior called the FlexSpace, but this car has only two rows of seats. The second row of seats can be slid transversely and lengthwise, leaving more space for passengers or luggage. They can also be folded to the floor to get a smooth surface. This way, the Meriva can easily be converted from a five-seater to a four-, three-, two- or even one-seater car without removing the seats.
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Reviews: 13
Unreliable Meriva electronics
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Plus on the first aid kit and on the battery
Cons Everywhere there are simple screws
Maybe things would be bad, but one major evil is that the ECU is not protected from moisture and there is a high risk of damage to it. The same trouble with the Opel Sapphires B....
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Good enough price and quality choice
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Good anti-corrosion protection [talks about my Opel Meriva A 1.7 CDTI 2008M.] Durable chassis, high seat, affordable price on the aftermarket,
Limiting the visibility of front stoics.
The Opel Meriva is a small minivan, I bought a 1.7CDTI, economy class, in 2008, the requirements for it need to be compared with its class competitors.and not with limousines.The design is not bad, the rear lights are clearly visi...
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comfortable to drive
very unreliable very much something strange 2 times was stopped on the road
opel meriva 1.4 twinport petrol 2005 purchased salonepravaziuta62000km...
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Reliability, ergonomics, flexibility, maneuverability.
Instability in wind, lack of traction when loaded, handlebar nozzle.
I bought the car 3 years ago at the market, it was driven from Italy. The master chose it for me from the whole market. I had a VW Passat B4 before and for comparison I can say that the Opel Meriva is incomparably more reliable in...
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Opel Meriva is a rational choice
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Reliable, comfortable to drive, inexpensive operation
There is a little space in the trunk when traveling with the family on further trips, because things really appear :) And overall, according to what can be expected from this little one of the family, it's like everything here in its places :)
The car is small in size, so it is more suitable and more comfortable to drive in the city: ie due to its small size, higher seatbelt, shorter gears. Looking at the comfort class, you should not look for it in this place (feel the...
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Opel Meriva 2003, 1.8 petrol / gas, mechanical
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High, comfortable to get off, sit down, folding rear seats, rides "gently" on the highway.
As others have mentioned, there really is a rattle. Hard suspension!?and a seat.
1.8 92kw (125hp), manual box, we bought cheaper than the market 10 years Merivos, it is not such as air conditioning, cruise control, but there is an electronic stability system (already tested and working), ABS, etc., this is wha...
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MERIVA 1.7 CDTI diesel. In 2006
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Economy, retention castes, reliability, spaciousness
Poor interior trim, lack of comfort, control panel, interior function solutions
The Meriva is a car for the family, the capacity is really large, it folds even when the seats are folded, so if you are looking for great comfort (such as an S-class merse) or the like, this car is definitely not for you. If you ...
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Meriva 2006
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Economical, good visibility, "flexible" in urban conditions, reliable, cheap operation, low perishability.
Rust appeared at the bottom of the door. I think this is a consequence of a broken local body repair.
I bought a new OPEL MERIVA 1.6 petrol in a semi-automatic gearbox at the Gari?nai market. The seller had previously shown where it had been broken. I have several cars, so the best description is to compare to other cars. I have b...
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Opel Meriva
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Engine, cabin space and adaptability.
To replace the bulb you need to remove the pharaoh, or have your finger thickness. Durna and even very.
Hi, the car is fun. The pros are that it is unrealistically high. High and bottom off the ground and the cabin high. It is possible to drive through curbs. There are also tall people inside, passengers of 2m fire ran not once and ...
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Opel Meriva for the frugal
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Maneuverable, economical, simple
Cool, rattling
I have this opeluka for two years. One thing I can say is that it?s a city car, with it in the city well, small, manoeuvrable, agile enough and of course economical, but on the highway, on the highway with it nothing. Because the ...
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opel Meriva, 2003-2010
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Comfort, dynamics, suspension durability
weak electrical part, expensive repair of some parts.
I have been driving a car for the second year (1.7 cdti, 74 kw), so I can already say this about this car. In less than two years, I drove about 70,000 thousand km, which is quite a lot on a Lithuanian scale. A well-designed inter...
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Meriva is a great car for a young family!
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Maneuverable, Capacious, Sporty, Reliable, Good Design.
Cheap interior decoration, stupid Easytronic dezes work.
The Opel Meriva appeared in our family in 2004. As soon as it appeared in Lithuania. Order it from the interior Cosmo kit The 1.8 ECOTEC engine was connected to the EASYTRONIC automatic transmission. We still operate cars. There w...
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small but capacious car. durable chassis,
the interior is made of poor quality materials, very awkward dashboard.
A beautiful, practical family car. It is a great pleasure to drive this car. stable in turns, maneuverable, etc ... Operation is quite cheap....
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