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Volvo S80 2006 - 2016
Volvo S80, 2006 - 2016
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Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016Volvo S80 2006 - 2016
Written by: Sam | 2015-01-03
Good vehicle
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Soft suspension, reliable electronics, safe
Interior fabric gets dirty easily
Year: 2008
Engine capacity, l: 2,5
Fuel Type: Petrol
Gearbox: Automatic
Body type: Saloon
Car description
I own this car for 2 years. Produced in 2008 it has a 2.5 litre turbo petrol engine, gearbox: automatic. It was brought from Germany with 90.000 miles. Currently it has passed 150.000 miles. As I make from 25.000 miles to 30.000 miles a year, I know this vehicle very well. It brings enough comfort for the driver, it has soft suspension and good sound isolation. The one I own is poorly equipped and the fabric interior is very unpractical besides it gets dirty easily. A friend of mine has the same Volvo S80; however, the interior is made of leather which makes it a lot more attractive and practical. Technically, it’s a great car, no serious damages have ever occurred, simply don’t forget to change oil in time and you’ll have a smooth ride constantly. Trips on the highway are fantastic: no discomfort or tiredness is felt. It has as much spacious interior as Audi A6, BMW 5 or Mercedes-Benz E-Class, though Volvo seats are more comfy.
A 2.5 turbo engine should be enough; nevertheless, it’d say it is meant for those drivers who prefer calm driving. I personally would like a more powerful variant; the vehicle is quite large and heavy. Average fuel consumption approx. 30 mpg. Technically after 2 years and passing 55.000 miles the engine caused no problems.
Reliability, running costs
Maintenance costs won’t surprise you. The newer the car, the more powerful engine is, so the less problems you should expect to encounter. Next autumn I’m planning to sell my Volvo and look for better 2009-2010 year with only 60.000 miles. Since I travel a lot, it’s not a good idea to wait till it passes 210.000 miles because then it’ll become more complicated to sell it. I’m gonna look for a model having automatic transmission and leather interior :). Some time ago I tried a D5 diesel run vehicle and a 3.5 bi-turbo engine. The former didn’t satisfy me at all due to possible audio problems in winter. The latter works flawless but it’s difficult to find such. Also what I’m planning to try is a 3.2 litre engine. A 4.4 engine with 8 cylinders is a bit too much for me :)… Fuel consumption is not so important. I follow the rule that it’s better to pour another extra litre of petrol rather than to pay much for an expensive repair of a diesel vehicle.
Recommendations to buyers
The most important thing is to buy a well-kept car. My dealer once said: if anything needs to be changed for these Volvo S80, it will be done only once. Car parts are cheap, my advice – buy only high quality and original parts, then you won’t have any worries. Look for a vehicle with automatic transmission, leather interior and xenon lights. At least it’s important for me since I travel at night very often. Navigation system in Europe works great.
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