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More about car Volkswagen Jetta
2010 - 2018
Average car rating
Written by: Jordan | 2015-11-13
2013 Jetta
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Year: 2013
Engine capacity, l: 1,2
Fuel Type: Petrol
Gearbox: Mechanical
Body type: Saloon
Car description
Not a bad looking car. Suspension is soft enough but noisy. Color is dark navy- so have to dry it after a wash to keep it clean, otherwise it is full of water marks. Interior quality is good apart (except the door cards). Poor sound system ( poor base etc.) Front right window has a problem, when press the button to close it, it fully opens. Brought to the garage to fix it, but they weren't able to. Body panels are very thin. If someone in the car park by the accident (or to say someone without conscience) bangs the car with the door, dent is guaranteed (probably paint will come off too). Air con is not great, cools down the temperature inside very slow, even though the car is not very big. Everything else is ok.
1.2 105 bhp “snail”. Plenty of power for city driving. Never get to use it's full potential. But out of the town it is hard to overtake in the 6th gear quickly. Have to drop lower gear ( not 5th but 4th). Of course it doesn't surprise because the engine is only 1.2. But if driven sensibly engine is powerful enough. Done 37000 miles (bought new from dealership) and mpg haven't changed, even though it was promised. For the engine this size mpg in the city is very low.
Reliability, running costs
After doing 37000 miles, car started falling apart. Gearbox went first, then clutch (even though car is mostly driven out on open roads). Had to bring it back to the dealer to tighten up all the bits because it started to rattle ( maybe I was just unlucky and bought faulty car). I wouldn't advise to buy it new, service etc is very expensive. For example car check up, costs (????????) and without it car's warranty is gone. Funniest thing is the price of spark plugs change (???????) . Everyone knows the price if done at home by yourself.
Recommendations to buyers
Don't buy it new. Better of buying second hand and with at least 60000 miles. Everything will be changed already on it during warranty period. Also it will cost a lot less because Das Auto depreciates fast. Of course the car won't be new but it will be more reliable. Got the impression this year that the lower the class, the lower quality parts VW uses for their cars- cheaper and unreliable. I have Passat CC too, but it's totally different. Service is cheaper and nothing breaks down (car price is double). So to put all things together: car is not too bad but not a dream car too. Have it thoroughly inspected before purchasing and make sure the gearbox doesn't make any sounds, even small but unusual.
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