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More about car Citroen C5
2008 - 2017
Average car rating
Adam | 2015-06-26
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Styling, stability, fuel consumption, hydractive suspension
Lacks on sound proofing and space in the back
According the service history book it was never seriously damaged. The record of the mileage done back then was 60.000 miles. There’s navigation system, parking sensors, hydractive 3+ suspension, 2.0 HDi, 100 kW, exclusive, but in...
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More about car Subaru Legacy
2009 - 2014
Average car rating
Alex | 2015-06-22
Subaru 5 gen model
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Styling, interior trim, safety
Lacks on power, hardly-maneuverable especially in the city, body is too low, problems with a clutch
2010 Subaru Legacy, 2l engine, power: 110 kW is not the best car as it is written. Vehicles with AWD systems should be higher and without lowering Legacy’s front bumper. Thresholds seem to be impractical. Trim package won’t leave ...
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More about car Suzuki Grand Vitara
2005 - 2017
Average car rating
pearl2748 | 2015-06-20
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
easy to get into/out great ride great leather interiou easy read instrument panel every thing at you finger tips. A great all round tow car.
No reversing sensers on rear bumper of car
Suzuki SAZUKI GRAND VITARA 1.9 TDI DDIS 2010 comes with spare wheel on back door...
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More about car Mazda 3
2009 - 2013
Average car rating
Ted | 2015-06-19
Mazda 3 meets almost everyone’s needs
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Engine, design, management, sporty look
Same old problems with sound isolation
Most people would probably agree with me that this vehicle looks great and has an eye-catching style. The same can be said about the interior: pleasant, comfortable and cozy. Control buttons are conveniently positioned, the interi...
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More about car Alfa Romeo GTV
1994 - 2005
Average car rating
Adam | 2015-06-15
Good and beautifully designed vehicle
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Good-looking and never getting old
Don’t get a wrong impression; this vehicle isn’t spoilt or very demanding. With Alfa Romeo gtv 2V6 Turbo (1996) it was a different case. It runs smoothly but the amount of fuel consumed is stunning 15-35 mpg (depending on the dri...
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More about car Volkswagen Golf
2003 - 2009
Average car rating
Tom | 2015-06-11
VW Golf Variant Bluemotion (1.9 TDi, 77kW) 2009
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Very economical to run, reliable and spacious enough
So far none
I bought with full service history. I’ve been driving it for almost 8 months so I can say that it has enough space (in the trunk too) and is very economical to run even for a 4-member family. Sitting in the front is comfortable en...
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More about car Fiat 500
2008 - dabar
Average car rating
Adam | 2015-05-29
A very good city vehicle
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Very spacious according to its size, economical, durable and beautiful
No essential disadvantages found
I’ve owned it for almost four years. Back then it was bought brand new and up to this day it has done 50.000 miles. No major failures occurred, only oil, steering box and filters were changed. Trim quality of the 500 saloon is goo...
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More about car Citroen Xsara Picasso
1999 - 2008
Average car rating
Mike | 2015-05-24
Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0 HDi (2002-10)
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Spacious, reliable chassis, eye-catching look, (HDi) engines
Sound isolation, bad road visibility while taking turns, 66 kW isn’t enough
Well, it’s a really spacious and attractive vehicle that gives a very pleasant feeling to drive it. It has a quite soft suspension due to which you may have an impression as if you are driving a double-decker bus :). In broad dayl...
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More about car Nissan Juke
2010 - dabar
Average car rating
NeroN | 2015-05-18
Vehicle for two
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Easily manoeuvrable, eye-catching style, advanced and cool-looking exterior design
Weak engine, lacks on space, poor quality of the interior material
This is a really exceptional vehicle which some people tend to like, others – don’t; let’s not forget to mention how easily manoeuvrable it can be. If to be honest I cannot find neither at least one major advantage nor a serious d...
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More about car Kia Ceed
2012 - 2018
Average car rating
MarKK | 2015-05-11
Good, unpretentious vehicle
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Price, good equipment, economical car
Poor interior plastic
When I got it, there was zero mileage on it. Since then I’ve done 20.000 miles. No major problems occurred. The Kia cee’d is a front wheel drive motor car, quite dynamic and has a 1.6 CRDi engine that delivers 94 kW of power. Fuel...
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