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More about car Honda HR-V
1999 - 2005
Average car rating
Jamie | 2015-03-09
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Good cross-country ability, air conditioning, folding mirrors, Honda engine, a viscous coupling, low fuel consumption, cheap maintenance – a real Japanese vehicle
Solid chassis, lacks of interior space
I was looking for a city car that would be suitable for going fishing too. The cross-road ability satisfies me enough (which I didn’t expect at all). Gears can be shifted very smoothly and precisely. Due to power steering every tu...
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More about car Toyota Avensis
2009 - dabar
Average car rating
Jim | 2015-02-28
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Comfort, reliability, good quality, low depreciation
Small tank, loud chassis
It’s a very reliable, comfortable, safe and of a good quality. I owe it for one year and so far I’ve had only a problem with an airbag. When the warning light came on, I took my car to the repair shop where I was told that there h...
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More about car Saab 9-5
1997 - 2005
Average car rating
David McKillop | 2015-02-24
saab 9-5 aero 2002
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Safe Comfortable Fast Practical
Cant think of any
Saab 9-5 Aero HOT (250bhp)...
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More about car Mitsubishi Pajero
2006 - dabar
Average car rating
Jacob | 2015-02-22
Mitsubishi Pajero
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Good road visibility, long body, high roof, reliable
I’ve made a choice after considering several options - Mercedes-Benz ML-class, Mercedes-Benz GL-class, Nissan Pathfinder and Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 Did – and discussing them with the owners (my friends). Eventually I bought 2009 Mi...
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More about car Seat Altea
2004 - 2015
Average car rating
altea 2004tdi | 2015-02-16
seat altea
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
So far everything’s fine
No problems
It left a good impression since the first time I saw it. So, I went to Germany and got one for myself. Year: 2004, color: red, it was a second-hand car having a full service history. I’d say a real German family car. How did I man...
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More about car Volkswagen Sharan
2010 - dabar
Average car rating
Max | 2015-02-09
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Quiet, quite fuel-efficient (48-38 mpg, depending on the driving mode), powerful engine, precise and smooth gear shifting, high quality interior trim, perfect road lighting, stable on slippery surfaces
No major disadvantages except for the exterior vehicle body assembly and a bit too loud Webasto (in cold winter time)
VW SHARAN 2012 with modified equipment: comfortline (Bi-Xenon headlights, additional cornering lights, RCD 510 touch-screen radio with integrated MP3 player, start-stop system, keyless entry, a premium hands free system, tinted wi...
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More about car Nissan X-Trail
2001 - 2007
Average car rating
Ashton | 2015-02-03
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Capacity, reliability, comfort, cross-country ability
Old-fashionable interior, diesel engines, fabric seats
Let’s begin with a summary: it’s a good vehicle and enough comfortable for long-distance trips down the highway. Good sound isolation also makes it more attractive. On sharp corners it swings out slightly. Sitting in the back of t...
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More about car Honda CR-V
2011 - 2016
Average car rating
Adrian | 2015-01-29
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Spacious, good Japanese quality
A concept for drivers seating
This is my first vehicle. I bought it on the spot ‘cause I needed one urgently. I’m not an admirer of any particular brand however I give the priority to Japanese cars, then – to Korean, in the worst scenario – to Europe’s car man...
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More about car Nissan Qashqai
2006 - 2013
Average car rating
Henry | 2015-01-26
Great car
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Good value for money, comfort, awesome audio system
Sound isolation, engine mount split, CD player not working properly
Nissan Quashqai – great quality/price ratio. Fairly inexpensive, but providing enough comfort: heated seats, a panoramic glass sunroof, cruise control, rain sensing wipers, etc. Maybe for some it will seem like unnecessary stuff, ...
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More about car Toyota Avensis
2003 - 2008
Average car rating
Adam | 2015-01-21
Toyota Avensis 2005 D-CAT 130KW, MT
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Excellent standard equipment: climate control, cruise control, brake control system (BC), vehicle stability control (VSC) that helps to keep the vehicle stable on the road, durable chassis that offers excellent reliability, low running costs
Poor sound isolation, difficulty in turning around, high fuel consumption
Real mileage passed 90.000 miles, with 6-speed gearbox and standard equipment; the day I bought it not much damage was done to the car. If to describe it briefly, it’s a typical pensioner’s car. When I told to my friends abroad th...
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