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More about car Renault Modus
2004 - 2008
Average car rating
Jack | 2015-01-12
Renault Modus - a very feminine and convenient vehicle
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Comfortable, well-equipped, satisfying fuel consumption and design
Gives a sense of insecurity
The Renault Modus 1.4 dCi with 89 HP first reminds me of a puppy ‘cause it has those ‘bug eyes’, but on the highway it doesn’t resemble a turtle and never stays at the back of the convoy. However, due to 5-speed transmissions gear...
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More about car Volvo S80
2006 - 2016
Average car rating
Sam | 2015-01-03
Good vehicle
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Soft suspension, reliable electronics, safe
Interior fabric gets dirty easily
I own this car for 2 years. Produced in 2008 it has a 2.5 litre turbo petrol engine, gearbox: automatic. It was brought from Germany with 90.000 miles. Currently it has passed 150.000 miles. As I make from 25.000 miles to 30.000 m...
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More about car Nissan Qashqai
2006 - 2013
Average car rating
Ben | 2014-12-22
Nissan Qashqai 2007-11 1.5 dCi FWD
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Good value and quality ratio, high suspension, good standard equipment, fuel-efficient car
Poor traction, week sound isolation, cheap plastic details, anti-rust coating should be applied
I’ve been driving this car for more than a year. It was bought with 180.000 mileage indicated on the odometer. It was once inspected in the workshop and everything seemed to be fine except for the fact that in 2009 the engine was ...
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More about car Hyundai Santa Fe
2007 - 2012
Average car rating
Mark | 2014-12-16
Hyndai Santa Fe 2006 m. 2.2 CRDi
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Low maintenance, engine works quietly, spacious, quite comfortable
Lack of dynamics
It was bought 9 months ago and was well-maintained in Bristol. Mileage indicated on odometer was 90.000 miles. After buying my previous cars (for one or another reason) it took 2-3 months to change my mind and start looking for a ...
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More about car Vauxhall Insignia
2008 - 2017
Average car rating
Oliver | 2014-12-15
Vauxhall Insignia 1.8
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Design, comfort, spacious interior, high quality material used for the interior
None so far
Hi! I bought my Vauxhall with a 1.8 petrol engine half a year ago. I can tell you, just like many others I was looking for a new car without having an idea of what I really want :). I was trying to choose from 8-12 different model...
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More about car Hyundai i30
2012 - 2017
Average car rating
Henry | 2014-12-12
Hyundai i30 - far from being called “a bucket”
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Design, economy, an enough qualitatively assembled vehicle
Lack of power, due to plastic occasionally appearing rattling sound
Not long ago such brands as Hyundai and KIA were considered having as much quality as the current Dacia. They were quite cheap, poor-looking, unreliable and uncomfortable, but things luckily started changing: new design, more qual...
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More about car Saab 9-3
2003 - 2007
Average car rating
Harry | 2014-12-11
Vehicle that unexpectedly surprised me!
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Sporty and at the same time aggressive look, well-equipped, quite powerful, but has economical engine
Front panel is worn out; sometimes strange scratches can be heard in the interior
I bought this car almost 10 months ago. Since I’m not crazy about any concrete brand, I’ve chosen this vehicle randomly. My other option could have been Volvo S60 but after trying both of them and due to better mobility, more “liv...
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More about car Citroen C5
2008 - 2017
Average car rating
C5 III | 2014-12-07
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Sound isolation, hydractive 3+ suspension, exclusive equipment, exterior, spacious trunk
Some parts are extremely expensive
That’s a pretty solid vehicle. I bought it from Citroen dealers with a 124.000 mileage, and no damage at all. The A/C radiator was leaking though. To my mind, you can expect this problem every 4.5 year. I have my sedan fully equip...
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More about car Seat Ibiza
2002 - 2008
Average car rating
Daniel | 2014-12-06
Seat Ibiza 1,9tdi 74kW
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Well-manageable, quite high, easily maneuverable on heavily snow-covered roads. Maximum speed – 110 mph – surprises me :)
Electronics, problems with power steering, very poor quality of the interior material, poor sound isolation, no comfort
Hard plastic gives a rattling sound, the chassis is solid. There’s enough power for this engine thus no complaints about the traction. It’s important that the catalyst converter wouldn’t be cut out otherwise when the accelerator i...
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More about car Volkswagen Passat
2005 - 2014
Average car rating
Andre | 2014-12-04
Passat B6, 2.0 TDI 103 kw
My rating:  My rating Recommended:  
Good Climate Control, spacious, manoeuvrable
Rather expensive to repair
I’ve been driving this car for more than a year. My family and I were looking for a family car that would be manoeuvrable too. So, Passat was, to my mind, the right option. Generally, it is neither extremely spacious nor very mano...
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