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Land Rover Freelander 2006 - 2014
Land Rover Freelander, 2006 - 2014
52RatingAverage car rating4.03% worse than average rating of competitors (4.1)Review number: 2
6% worse than average rating of competitors (4.2)4% worse than average rating of competitors (4.1)9% better than average rating of competitors (4.1)1% better than average rating of competitors (3.9)20% worse than average rating of competitors (4.3)
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Land Rover Freelander 2006 - 2014Land Rover Freelander 2006 - 2014Land Rover Freelander 2006 - 2014Land Rover Freelander 2006 - 2014Land Rover Freelander 2006 - 2014Land Rover Freelander 2006 - 2014Land Rover Freelander 2006 - 2014Land Rover Freelander 2006 - 2014
The second generation Freelander is built on the Ford EUCD platformps used by the Ford Galaxy, Ford S MAX and Volvo S80. The Freelander has a larger range that promises better SUV performance close to other Land Rover models and better than BMW or Audi competitors. The exterior of the Freelander has become more like that of its bigger brothers, it has significantly improved interior quality with a lot of standard equipment, including a Terrain Response system that adapts to a variety of off-road conditions.
Written by: | 2019-08-01
Land Rover Freelander 2014 d 2,2 mecahnine
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Stands well on the road, powerful engine, comfortable interior
Poor factory sound insulation
Engine capacity, l: 2,2
Fuel Type: Diesel
Fuel consumption urban, mpg: 10,0
Fuel consumption extra urban, mpg: 7,2
Car description
A month ago, LR Freelander II SD4 HSE appeared in my life. From the first minute I saw it, I was fascinated by the creamy salon and red body. Smooth ride, quietness in the cabin and tractor diesel power. But now that a month has passed, the euphoria is over, after switching from another class of car, I can calmly give an assessment.1. No sound insulation. The noise is the same as SGV, only the engine is not as audible. When it rains, your ears get stuck in the car. There?s a squeak all the time in the car, everywhere. After dismantling the door, I found a piece of sound insulation just 20 cm X 20 cm and 2 mm thick !!!?... Therefore, I glued the whole machine with new sound insulation (4 layers of roof and door, 6-8 layers of arches). 2. Soft, comfortable suspension, but it also has a downside - you can feel the rattle when cornering at high speeds. But LR turns turns quite accurately and without any slips. If it rotates completely abruptly, the ABS corrects everything without causing discomfort. It is not pleasant to ride through the lying cops, there is a strong rattle of the suspension, so it is necessary to slow down strongly. With SGV, I drove them easily to 60-80 km / h without any discomfort, this speed is not right on this machine. For the first two weeks, the steering wheel seemed very tight. Now I?m used to it and I don?t notice.3. The engine (190 hp and turbine) is initially overwhelmed by its power, but after a while the flaws become apparent. There is a blunt spot (in sports mode, more or less normal) as well as a blunt bend at 140 km / h. speed even in sport mode. Everywhere it is written that this problem is corrected by a little improvement in something.4. Fuel consumption: in city mode - 10-11 l., On the track - 9 l., When the average speed is 140 km / h and 7.2, when the average speed is 100 km / h. In my opinion, this is a little too much for diesel engines, but again writes everywhere that the chip significantly reduces costs. 5. There was an opportunity to test off-road features. The car pleasantly surprised. After 13 hours of rain, I drove 7 km in the fields. The ground was clay, deep pits, 1 abrupt descent and one ascent. Tires - Toyo UT class. I didn?t use any help during takeoff and landing, I rode in normal mode. Everywhere I drove, I passed and didn?t even try to get stuck. It also became clear why the steering wheel has freedom. Off the road, it does not peel off as much as that of the SGV, so it is very convenient to drive and I forgive the Republic of Lithuania for this small disadvantage.6. Top level ergonomics. Everything is intuitive. Boarding is convenient. The seats are comfortable, most likely the manufacturer has focused all his attention on sinful American and British priests. But there is a great lack of ventilation in the seats, after an hour of driving in the heat, the shirt and jeans stick to the body, which, to put it mildly, is not very nice. It?s comfortable and pleasant to sit in the back, but in my opinion, there?s not enough legroom because, as I understand it, the back space has been reduced at the expense of the trunk. On the other hand, passengers have not yet complained about the lack of space.
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