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More about car Honda Jazz
2001 - 2008
Average car rating
Written by: | 2020-08-25
Honda Jazz 2007
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Reliability My car reliability rating Performance My rating of the car engine and performance Build quality My rating for the build quality of the car Comfort My rating of the vehicle comfort Steering My rating for stability, driving control and car feeling on the road
Capacious, practical, manoeuvrable, simple, easy to install gas (somehow doubtful or necessary), not different from the crowd (maybe minus)
Hard, well, and the cabin is not particularly high-class material
Engine capacity, l: 1,4
Fuel Type: Petrol
Fuel consumption urban, mpg: 6,0
Fuel consumption extra urban, mpg: 4,0
Fuel consumption combined, mpg: 5,0
Car description
2007, mechanical drive, 1.4 turio, 61 kW, electric windows, mirrors, el. sliding side mirrors. Probably capacity and practicality are the biggest advantages. I brought the whole closet out of there. Alloy wheels are still not available. Ergonomic interior. Universal folding seats at the rear. Driving is especially fun in the city. Great overview of the windshield. Sonar mirrors are enough for really big size. How low, but everything is in order when driving neatly. Well definitely not an offroad machine. Simple atmospheric gasoline engine. I practically don't open the hood. Well, such a machine would probably be serviced by any service center. And Exploitation I do not think will be very expensive. Clearly a cooler cool, but familiar I think. As at the cabin. Everything in the salon is clear, understandable and functionally arranged.
Reliability, running costs
Guide bearings and straps. I changed prophylactically. Everything cost maybe 15 euros. I will change myself. And more ... Like nothing. Operating costs of each car: lubricants, filters, tires, etc.
Recommendations to buyers
The second time I bought an automatic transmission box because the traffic is all over town. So that's the advice to check for such a deze. Zeboma kebulo bukle. And everything else, like buying every car. It is necessary to change the spark plugs after purchase, as the ignition coil is in a sensitive position. If comfort, speed on the highway and interior quality are important, then people will not buy a car. Because that's not why it was created. And for everyday work, a city car is a great car, with really high reliability.
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