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Lamborghini Revuelto 2023 - presentLamborghini Revuelto 2023 - presentLamborghini Revuelto 2023 - presentLamborghini Revuelto 2023 - presentLamborghini Revuelto 2023 - presentLamborghini Revuelto 2023 - presentLamborghini Revuelto 2023 - presentLamborghini Revuelto 2023 - presentLamborghini Revuelto 2023 - presentLamborghini Revuelto 2023 - presentLamborghini Revuelto 2023 - presentLamborghini Revuelto 2023 - presentLamborghini Revuelto 2023 - presentLamborghini Revuelto 2023 - presentLamborghini Revuelto 2023 - presentLamborghini Revuelto 2023 - present
Lamborghini Revuelto is not another Lamborghini model produced in small series, of which the company has presented quite a few in recent years. This is the new flagship of the Lamborghini company, replacing the 11-year-old Aventador model. The Lamborghini Aventador was produced in 11,000 units and was a very successful model with many different versions such as LP, S LP, SVJ, as well as limited edition models based on the Aventador - such as Veneno, Centenario, Sián FKP 37 and Countach LPI 800-4. Therefore, the presentation of a new flagship is a rather rare event in the company's activities, considering that in the last 57 years, starting with the iconic Miura model, there have been only five flagships of the Lamborghini model range. As the company approaches its sixtieth anniversary, the Revuelto will be a gift to interested customers and the Cogero will be Lamborghini's flagship model for the next decade. While the Lamborghini Revuelto features many Lamborghini technological innovations, the main one being the plug-in hybrid powertrain, the most important thing about the cogero is that we will still have the opportunity to hear the V12 engine. Lamborghini has adopted a traditional composition in the new model - the 6.5-liter V12 engine installed in the center of the car is similar to the Aventador engine. The engine now produces 814 PS of power and 725 Nm of torque, with the rev limit raised to an impressive 9,500 rpm. This is the most powerful V12 engine in Lamborghini history. The engine has been rotated 180 degrees longitudinally, and the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission behind the engine has been completely redesigned. As we mentioned, the Revuelto has a plug-in hybrid drive, which means that the 814 hp internal combustion engine is not the only thing turning the car's wheels. The plug-in hybrid system uses a relatively small 3.8 kWh battery weighing 70 kg. It is installed in the very center of the car - in the transmission tunnel between the passengers, where the gearbox would normally be. The hybrid system consists of three electric motors - two on the front axle and one installed in the upper part of the gearbox. The latter can turn the rear wheels, but a separate clutch allows it to disconnect from the gearbox and can only work in starter-generator mode in order to start the engine or charge the traction battery. Each electric motor has a power of 150 hp and a torque of 150 Nm. Three electric motors and a V12 engine together create a power of 1001 hp, the car up to 100 km/h. accelerates in 2.5 seconds, 200 km/h. reaches speed in 7 seconds and can reach more than 350 km/h. maximum speed. Engineers abandoned the traditional all-wheel drive transmission and opted for the E-4WD system: the reverse gear is driven only by the front electric motors, but if necessary, the power can be increased with the help of the rear electric motor. In electric mode, the car can travel a short distance - just 10 kilometers. By the way, holding down the left paddle shifter allows you to use "permanent downshifting" - thus extremely quickly reaching the low gear required when entering a turn.
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Specifications: 1
BODYWORK (LB744) 6.5 V12 (1015 Hp) HPEV 4WD
Body type Coupe
Number of doors 2
Number of seats 2
Luggage capacity, litres n/d
Fuel type Petrol/Electricity
Fuel system n/d
Engine type V12
Position of engine n/d
Engine capacity, cc 6498
Cylinders/valves 12/48
Power output, bhp/kW/rpm 825/615/9250
Torque, Nm/rpm 725/6750
Other engine Electrical
Other engine power HP/KW 150/112
Other engine max. torque. Nm 350
Total power, bhp/kW/rpm. per min. 1015/757/n/d
Acceleration 0-62 mph, s 2.5
Top speed 350 km/h (217 mph)
Drive wheels All
Steering type n/d
Gearbox Automatic
8 gears
Length, mm 4947
Width, mm 2033
Height, mm 1160
Weight/Max Weight, kg 1772
Wheelbase, mm 2779
Front suspension Double wishbone
Rear suspension Double wishbone
Front brakes Ventilated disc ABS
Rear brakes Ventilated disc ABS
Front tires 265/35 ZR20
Rear tires 345/30 ZR21
Urban n/d
Extra urban n/d
Combined n/d
CO2 emissions, g/km n/d
Fuel tank capacity, litres n/d
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