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Mazda RX-8 2003 - 2011
Mazda RX-8, 2003 - 2011
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Mazda RX-8 2003 - 2011Mazda RX-8 2003 - 2011Mazda RX-8 2003 - 2011Mazda RX-8 2003 - 2011Mazda RX-8 2003 - 2011Mazda RX-8 2003 - 2011Mazda RX-8 2003 - 2011Mazda RX-8 2003 - 2011Mazda RX-8 2003 - 2011Mazda RX-8 2003 - 2011
The Mazda RX-8 is a sports car that has replaced the RX-7. Like its predecessor, this RX has a Wankel-type rotor motor. The RX-8 has a front-mounted engine, with rear-wheel drive and a 2 + 2 seat formula. The car has an ideal weight balance of 50:50 thanks to the fact that the engine is mounted behind the front axle (front mid-engine configuration) and the fuel tank behind the rear axle. The weight is reduced by using lighter materials such as aluminum (bonnet and tailgate) and the carbon fiber from which the drive shaft is made to reduce the moment of inertia of the rotating parts. The front suspension uses an independent two-link suspension and the rear uses an independent multi-link. A special feature of the car is a second pair of very small doors that open in the opposite direction to the front (they only open if the front is open). Since the car does not have a middle strut, opening the door ensures maximum comfortable access not only on the front but also on the rear seats - which is uncharacteristic of any other 2-door coupe. At the same time, the car retains a great coupe-style design. The most powerful version of the RX-8 features a Wankel engine with two 654 cc rotors (total 1.3 L displacement) with 237 hp (177 kW) / 8200 rpm and 211 Nm / 5500 rpm of torque and a six-speed manual transmission. The RX-8 has been highly praised by both professionals and amateurs - this car of excellent design and dynamics has already won 37 international motoring awards, including a very honorable - international Best Engine of 2003 title.
The Mazda RX-8 has a unique and very rarely manufactured Wankel type rotor motor.
A distinctive feature of the car is a second pair of very small doors that open to the opposite side to the front.
The Mazda RX-8 participated in a number of ring races such as the 24 Hours of Daytona, the SCCA World Challenge, the KONI Challenge Series and even the Formula Women women’s competition in 2004.
The RX-8 has won 37 international car awards, including the highly prestigious 2003 Best Engine of the Year.
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