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1. General Provisions

1.1 The use of Website rules (Rules) provides review, comments placing on the website ( Website) rules, as well as Website users rights, obligations and responsibility.
1.2 Website activities are: provide technical tools to post reviews about cars and comments to the reviews ( Review). Web site user is a person who place or view reviews, comments and questions on the website (Users).
1.3. The rules are mandatory to the users. User who do not agree with the Rules does not have right to use Website.
1.4 Website runs Administrator.
1.5. Administrator  reserves the right to change, modify its services or terminate services, without alerting the User. The Administrator also reserves the right at any time to change the Rules. 


2. Review content and placing conditions on the Website

2.1. In the Website can be placed only reviews about  cars that are presented on the Website.
2.2. Comments can be placed only on to Reviews that are presented on the website. 
2.3. Users does not have right to presented false information.
2.4. Review could be illustrated with photos, in which must be shown Users car.
2.5. By submitting Review User confirms that it has the right to use photos, and this use does not infringe any third party rights.
2.6. It is prohibited the use of Website by unlawful or improper purposes, which are:
      - Violate any intellectual property rights (copyright, trade marks, designs, etc.);
     - Are offensive, defamatory, discriminatory any person or otherwise violate any person's right to an image, name, privacy (phone numbers, addresses, personal identification number, etc.);
     - Contrary to the generally accepted ethical and moral standards or applicable law;
     - Present a threat to Website or database security.
2.7. By submitting Review, the user accepts full responsibility for its contents in compliance with the regulations of the website.
2.8. The Administrator has the right to reject or delete Reviews from the Website, if they do not comply with the Rules.

3. Consequences of infringement

3.1. The Administrator has the right to reject or delete Review from Website without prior notice, if they do not meet the requirements set out in these Rules.
3.2. The Administrator reserves the right to terminate a User's access to the Website or the use of the Website services without notice  for violation of Rules.

4. Limitation of Liability

4.1. Administrator only provides the technical tools to store Reviews on the Website. Administrator  is no agent or representative of the Users or representativeof  any other interested party or mediator.
4.2. The Administrator is not responsible for the asymmetry of information between its response to the reality and their contents.
4.3. The Administrator is not liable for any losses that may result from use of photographs.
4.4. The Administrator is not liable for failure of the Website or for damages to participants or third parties if Website fault is caused by technical difficulties or other events in which the Administrator can neither control nor influence.

5. Cookies and how we use them

5.1. Cookie is a small amount of information that a Web server sends the Web browser allowing the server to collect information back from the browser. We use cookies in our websit to improve performance and enhance your user experience. You can choose to delete or our third camp cookies through any browser options. This may affect the interaction with our site or another. More information on 'cookies' can be found at:


6. Information on data protection

6.1. The User acknowledges that he/she submits their data to theWebsite and agrees that his/her data will be stored in the database of Website indefinitely. User provides its data to the Website in order that third parties have free access to these data to view and copy.

7. Copyright

7.1. The Administrator has all the rights to the content of the Website and database and has the exclusive right to their use.
7.2. Any third-party has not the right to use, copy Websites data or design without the written authorization of the Administrator.

8. Governing Law

8.1. Website activity is carried out in accordance with UK law. Any disputes arising from the performance of the Website  will be resolved through negotiations or shall be settled according to the UK law.