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BMW X5 2007 - 2013
BMW X5, 2007 - 2013
55RatingAverage car rating3.819% worse than average rating of competitors (4.6)Review number: 5
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BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013BMW X5 2007 - 2013
The BMW E70 is a brand new X5 model that is now larger than the old one - 60 mm wider, 165 mm longer, 110 mm longer wheelbase. The BMW X5 is described as a SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) rather than an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), emphasizing not off-road capabilities but the car’s excellent performance on asphalt. The car has an improved Xdrive all-wheel drive system, front wishbone suspension. The SUV has a wide range of new technologies as standard - the BMW iDrive system, electronic joystick-type gear lever, LED taillights, HUD windscreen data, active steering, damping systems and more. The exterior of the car is very similar to the old one, but the interior is different more similar to the style of the new BMW 3, 5, 7 series. The car also has an iDrive system, which is a streamlined, panoramic glass roof and, for the first time in a BMW car, seats 7 passengers in three rows. Criticism is due to the fact that it is somewhat small compared to competitors, as well as not very reliable when driving off-road. But the car is undoubtedly invincible on asphalt - it not only has excellent handling (no worse than many cars), but also has dynamic engines. The most powerful of these is the V8 4.8 L 355 hp (261 kW) petrol, which reaches 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds. Not to forget the great BMW diesel engines. The X5 and X3 models were also rated as best in safety in their class (according to IIHS).
For the first time in a BMW, it is possible to book three passengers seating three in a row.
It was made from the shot X5 version of Security Plus, which is able to withstand a series of shots of the AK-47, also known as Kalashnikov.
The X5 is also known as the car, which was very "successfully" copied by the Chinese carmaker Shuang-huan SCEO as an eye-catching copy of the X5.
Such a BMW is driven by Hollywood actress Eva Longoria, who played in the series "Frustrated Housewives", Russian basketball team player Alexei Švedas, singer Alanis Morisette and Hollywood star Selena Gomez:
Alanis Morisette
Selena Gomez
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